Property Taxes

Property tax reform was one of the top priorities to Texans and the Legislature this past session. Rep. Cyrier worked tirelessly in the house, co-authoring and co-sponsoring multiple pieces of legislation to stop the skyrocketing cost of property taxes and to reduce the tax burden for homeowners and business owners across the state.

House Bill 3 provided significant funding for education but also provided property tax relief by compressing local tax rates. By providing additional state funding for education, House Bill 3 increases the state’s share of the funding burden from 38% currently to 45% and reduces the property tax rate for local school districts.

The Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019 (Senate Bill 2), which gives taxpayers the tools to make informed decisions about their property taxes and empowers voters to stop increasing property tax rates through an election. This bill adds real-time tax notices for taxpayers to engage in the rate-setting process, informs taxpayers of who has proposed a rate increase, by how much, and how to protest, and provides taxpayers with an online form to submit their position on proposed rates. This bill also increases the number of financial disclosures from taxing units, expands opportunities to protest or appeal appraisal values, and requires notices from appraisal districts to be issued electronically.

Senate Bill 2 also eliminates burdensome requirements that force voters to gather signatures to petition for an election, automatically triggers a November election when taxes are raised above the voter approval rate, and ensures taxing units that exceed the voter approval rate are equipped to meet the November election date deadline.

House Joint Resolution 38 will now give Texas voters the power to ban a state income tax in Texas. With the ratification of this constitutional amendment, Texas would be protecting taxpayers, encouraging economic expansion, and making sure taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned dollars. Remember to vote “YES” on Proposition 4 this November to ban a state income tax in Texas.