Local Groundwater Protection

To responsibly steward and protect the quality of Texas groundwater, we rely on the efforts of volunteer board members for our many groundwater conservation districts. Until recently, these board members could be sued personally for the decisions of these boards, which made them targets of unfair legal intimidation and compromised the ability of these boards to make responsible and unbiased decisions. During the 84th legislative session, Rep. Cyrier authored and passed House Bill 3163, which protects these board members from being personally sued for their work managing our local groundwater resources.

Within the first year of the law's passage, two Texas groundwater conservation districts had already cited this new law while defending their board members against lawsuits. In one of these suits, board members were successful in dismissing the lawsuit. Protecting these board members from personal lawsuits allows local groundwater conservation districts to independently and fairly make decisions without the fear or threat of lawsuits. Our work to ensure sustainable and high quality groundwater is far from finished, but House Bill 3136 represents an important step in the right direction to protect the local control of our communities in managing their natural resources.