Disaster Recovery

In the wake of wildfires, floods and hurricanes that have impacted House District 17 and the state, Rep. Cyrier has been an avid supporter of state support for locally driven decisions for disaster preparedness and recovery. With so many communities still recovering from Hurricane

Harvey and other disasters, this topic became a top priority for the 86th Legislative Session. Rep. Cyrier was a co-author of both of the major bills passed this session.

House Bill 5 directs the Texas Department of Emergency Management to create a catastrophic debris management plan to improve debris removal for political subdivisions. This bill also creates the Wet Debris Study Group and the Work Group on Local Restrictions That Impede Disaster Recovery Efforts to study the best practices and common hindrances to the removal of debris following a disaster. This legislation positions local communities to respond quicker to disasters and prepares the state for future debris crises.

House Bill 6 creates a Disaster Recovery Task Force within the Texas Department of Emergency Management to assist individuals with specialized assistance and communities with recovery and resiliency planning to speed up the recovery process.

Recovery has been identified as the weakest phase of the emergency management cycle in Texas, and House Bill 6 looks to strengthen recovery functions and to better utilize the resources available to this state.