Defending human life

During this past legislative session, the Texas House made significant progress in passing new laws to better protect human life and its dignity. These include new laws that will help to crack down on the human sex trade in Texas by better identifying the victims of sex trafficking in order to offer them help and support. John was deeply honored to jointly author one of these and help to usher it into law.

John also worked to close a loophole that had been used to allow minors to undergo an abortion without parental consent, and took action to restrict funding for Planned Parenthood and its ability to participate in certain state programs.

John was also co-author of House Bill 3074, which protects the lives and human dignity of persons in end-of-life situations who require life sustaining medical treatments. The bill carried broad support from every major pro-life organization in Texas. Together, these new laws reflect the majority belief in our state that human life is special, created by God with a purpose, and worthy of respect and protection.

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