Defending human life

During this past legislative session, the Texas House made significant progress in passing new laws to better protect human life and its dignity. These include new laws that will help to crack down on the human sex trade in Texas by better identifying the victims of sex trafficking in order to offer them help and support. John was deeply honored to jointly author one of these and help to usher it into law.

John also worked to close a loophole that had been used to allow minors to undergo an abortion without parental consent, and took action to restrict funding for Planned Parenthood and its ability to participate in certain state programs.

John was also co-author of House Bill 3074, which protects the lives and human dignity of persons in end-of-life situations who require life sustaining medical treatments. The bill carried broad support from every major pro-life organization in Texas. Together, these new laws reflect the majority belief in our state that human life is special, created by God with a purpose, and worthy of respect and protection.

The 2nd Amendment

Prior to this legislative session, Texas was one of only six states in the nation that did not allow citizens to carry unconcealed handguns. That is why John co-authored House Bill 910, which places Texas in the majority of states that allow for the responsible and open carry of a firearm, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Under this new law, those citizens who hold a Concealed Handgun License will no longer risk a crime simply by having their firearm visible.

John also co-authored House Joint Resolution 61 to propose the new amendment to the Texas Constitution to safeguard hunting and fishing rights and protecting a major Texas industry. According to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, hunting and fishing pump more than $4 billion into the Texas economy and support more than 65,000 jobs.

Improving Texas public schools

John helped to fully fund enrollment growth in Texas public schools and also provide an additional $1.5 billion to restore funding cuts to public schools and improve classroom education. Along with these funds, John supported new accountability standards for Texas public schools, which rely less on standardized testing and empower parents and local school districts with better metrics for success. John also voted to fill a budget shortfall in the health plan for retired teachers, who have devoted their professional lives to Texas students.

Protecting our groundwater

John Cyrier worked with Lee and Bastrop County officials and grassroots leaders to author and pass House Bill 3163, which protects water conservation district board members from being sued or held liable when performing their duties in good faith. This new law protects the local control of groundwater from corporate water marketers who would use lawsuits to secure irresponsible, high volume pumping permits that lack protections for local communities.

Defending religious freedom

John Cyrier co-authored and helped to pass the Pastor Protection Act, which now protects Texas pastors and religious organizations from being sued or discriminated against simply because they refuse to participate in a same-sex wedding.

Lower taxes and a conservative budget

John Cyrier helped to pass $3.8 billion in tax relief. He voted to add $10,000 to the homestead exemption, which will achieve $1.2 billion in property tax relief. He also co-authored a 25 percent cut to the franchise tax paid by Texas businesses, which will help small businesses to grow, create new jobs, and keep the Texas economy booming. John also helped to pass one of the most conservative budgets in Texas history, which holds spending in check, provides tax relief, and protects the Rainy Day Fund.

Securing the Texas Border

John Cyrier co-authored the nation’s strongest state-based plan to secure the Texas-Mexico border. As a result, we will have 250 more state troopers along the border, tougher penalties for border crimes like smuggling, and a new intelligence-sharing hub for border security operations. Rep. Cyrier also voted to secure $840 million more for border security operations in Texas.

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