Thank you, State Representative



Brent Golemon is being dishonest about important legislation affecting our groundwater.

Mr. Golemon is taking an important issue to this community and twisting it for his own political gain.

That's why our local leaders support John Cyrier as the only honest and proven choice for state representative.

Our Groundwater Conservation Districts Thanks John Cyrier

Both the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors and the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts passed resolutions thanking Representative John Cyrier for his leadership and support on protecting our local water.

A Message from Lee County Commissioners

John Cyrier is a champion for Lee County in the Texas House. His leadership in authoring and passing House Bill 3163 is protecting the local control of our groundwater from water marketers and the courts.

In his first term as our representative, John has been steadfast in defending rural Texas, agriculture, and our conservative values - and he demonstrates the kind of high moral character that is uncommon in politics today.

Charles Murray, Lee County Commissioner

Maurice Pitts, Jr., Lee County Commissioner

Alan Turner, Lee County Commissioner

Steven Knobloch, Lee County Commissioner

"As an attorney who has spent an entire career working for groundwater conservation districts to protect our groundwater resources, I can say unequivocally that Rep. Cyrier’s H.B. No. 3163 is one of the strongest groundwater protection bills ever to have passed the legislature."

Gregory M. Ellis

Attorney at Law

Read the full letter here.

“I am disappointed that Brent Golemon has chosen to lie about John Cyrier. John is a champion for Lee County groundwater, agriculture, and rural values. John Cyrier is clearly the best choice to represent Lee County in the Texas House.”

John Dowell

Mayor of Giddings, Texas

“Brent Golemon is not being honest with voters about John Cyrier's proven record of defending our water rights. There is no greater defender of our groundwater than John Cyrier. He passed one of the strongest laws ever to protect the local control of our groundwater, and he has earned our trust and our vote for re-election.”

Mike Simmang of Giddings

Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, Board Member

“John Cyrier helped us stand up to the corporate water marketers and make sure that our groundwater stays under local control. There is no better advocate than John Cyrier when it comes to protecting our water.”

Keith Hansberger

Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation Dist., Board Member, Lexington, Texas

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