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About John

John Cyrier is State Representative for Texas House District 17, which includes Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales, Karnes and Lee counties. He is president and CEO of Sabre Commercial, a midsize commercial construction business, which is consistently ranked in the top­ 10 of the Austin Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” and “Fast 50” list of the fastest growing companies in Central Texas. He was nominated for the journal’s Best CEO award in 2014.

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"John Cyrier is one of the most honest, hardworking, and trustworthy men that I know.We need his no-nonsense leadership."

Jerry Patterson, Former Texas Land Commissioner and Author of Texas Concealed Handgun Law

This week I met with staff members of the Railroad Commission and TCEQ to discuss the Bastrop oil spill. They shared these photos with me and let me know that all contaminated soil has been removed and is heading to a designated landfill. Thankfully there has still been no impact to any of our water supply. The accident occured during planned maintenance on the pipeline, but the cleanup has been swift and thorough.

I have been in communication with TCEQ regarding the pipeline break last week in Bastrop County. There have been no water wells observed to be impacted at this point, and cleanup efforts have been swift and efficient. Here is the most recent update I have received: On July 16th the pipeline break was repaired and flow restarted within the pipeline. By 11:00 a.m., the pipeline was fully operational. The total amount released is now estimated to be 1,457 barrels. There have been 775 clean crude and 314 “dirty” oil barrel equivalent recovered at the spill site. Over the weekend, 46 roll-off containers were filled with contaminated soil, gravel, and brush. TCEQ Region 11 staff was on-site yesterday morning to observe remediation efforts and offer assistance. Pipeline owner, Magellan, and their contractors, ES&H, CTEH, and Forefront Emergency Management were continuing clean-up work on-site yesterday. EPA representatives left the site Sunday. Magellan is expecting to complete remediation within a week and is working 12-hour days moving forward. They stopped 24/7 work days on 7/16 and stopped air monitoring in the community on 7/15. On-site, there are currently four frac-tanks (one-clean water, two-crude oil, and one-dirty oil) and 53 roll-off containers. The total number of roll-offs will increase as excavation continues. There is a large pile of contaminated soil currently staged on plastic sheeting extracted from the area where oil pooled from the line break. Contractors will be building a berm around it in case of heavy rainfall. The pile will also be covered with plastic sheeting. The small amount of local rainfall created no run-off or impacts. The overspray area with trees only is 100% complete, as there was no soil contamination. The pipeline will be cleaned last. The nearest groundwater well is reported to be located about 1 mile away and is used for agriculture. No impacts to water wells have been observed or documented. Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.

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